Our Mission

We are dedicated to life.

We are dedicated on helping others feel and live better. Visit us and see what we believe in and how we demonstrate it.

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St.Lukes Orthopaedic And Trauma Hospital Nandi Rd.

Sevices we Offer:

We at St Luke’s Orthopaedic &Trauma Hospital provide outpatient services where patients get served in the shortest time possible.
At St Luke’s Orthopaedic &Trauma Hospital we strive to provide a comfortable and serene environment suitable for quick recuperation of the mind body and spirit.
St. Luke's Orthopaedic & Trauma Hospital has a a strong team of Orthopaedic surgeons led by the founder and C.E.O of the hospital, Dr L.K Lelei who has vast experience in Orthopaedic Surgery.
The hospital prides itself in having a fully-fledged radiology unit with top of the range scanning equipment.
We have a dedicated team of specialists ready to offer the best dental services within the hospital​.
We have a dedicated team of physio and occupational therapists whose main aim is to get the client back into full use of their motor faculties.
Our duty is to ensure exceptional pharmaceutical care for our patients. We have both in and out patient pharmacies that ensure we achieve this objective by providing cost-effective and quality medication to our patients.
St. Luke’s hospital has well equipped modern ambulances supported by a team of well-trained and responsive drivers and medics.
We provide both planned and emergency services for a wide variety of general neurosurgical conditions. Our Neuro clinic is situated within the main hospital complex.
The use of prostheses or orthoses can reduce the need for formal health care, support services, long-term care and caregivers.
We provide immunization services for both children and adults that helps control and eliminates serious and life threatening infections.
Our dedicated team of General physicians offer treatment for general conditions. This service sees patients with chronic and complex conditions.
We have 3 fully equipped operating theatres, Two major and one for minor surgeries. We have a four-bed capacity recovery room that caters to all our surgical patients.
We have other amenities within the hospital that takes care of the patients and caretakers as well as the visitors who come to the hospital.

Focused On You

As our valued patient, you are at the center of everything we do – and that will never change.

24/7 Care

Open every day from 8 – 8, with no appointments necessary. Just walk in at a time that works best for you.

Timely Care

We know how busy life can be. That’s why most patients are in and out in less than an hour.