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Community Oral Health Officer (COHO)


Tayside clinic

Reporting To:

Dental Office Manager



Job Type:

Full Time

Job Description

Major duties and responsibilities

1. Clerking, examination, diagnosis of patients at the outpatient and inpatient.

2. Carry out minor dental procedures; 1) extractions, 2) periodontal therapy, 3) other minor surgical procedures e.g. wound dressing, incision and drainage.

3. Carry out other clinical duties as assigned and supervised by the dentist.

4. Implement and adhere to infection prevention protocols including autoclaving instruments after use, cleaning the dental procedure’s space and storage of the clean instruments.

5. Maintain a record of day to day activities of the dental unit and prepare regular reports as needed.

6. Prescription of medicine.

7. Responding to enquiries relating to oral health.

8. Conducting health education and CMEs as may be required.

9. Participate in dental check-up and medical camp as it may be required.

10. Follow company policies to ensure proper discretion and procedures are used.

11. Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the supervisor.


1. Diploma in Community Oral Health or equivalent from a reputable institution.

2. Association Certificate from Oral Health Association of Kenya (OHAK)

3. Minimum one-year experience in a busy environment.

4. Good customer care and communication skills.

5. Adaptability to new environments.

6. Current Hepatitis B vaccination.

7. Able to use an x-ray machine.

8. Comfortable using computers for a variety of tasks