Dr. Lectary Kibor Lelei

Lead Orthopaedic Surgeon

About Doctor

Dr. L. K Kibor is our Lead Orthopaedic Surgeon dedicated to providing the best healthcare in Orthopaedics. Dr. Lelei is the head of general Medicine covering all general medicine concerns. At the Cancer Center, he is director of the Clinical Cancer Genomics Laboratory, which analyzes cancerous tissues to determine targeted treatments for individual patients. He also explores how moles form and what makes some moles cancerous, with the goal of developing objective algorithms to assess tumor growth and tailor treatment to the individual.


University of Cape Town Degree NameFellowship in Orthopaedic surgery

Wok History

Consultant orthopaedic Surgeon , St. Lukes Orthopaedics & Trauma Hospital Dates Employed: Aug 2012 – Present Employment Duration: 9 yrs 1 mo LocationEldoret , Kenya