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All About Masks in the Context of COVID-19

Masks should be used as part of comprehensive measures designed to suppress the transmission of covid-19 and save lives. However, it is essential to understand that wearing a mask alone is insufficient to provide complete protection against COVID-19.

Stay safe by taking simple precautions, such as physical distancing, wearing a mask, keeping rooms well ventilated, avoiding crowds, cleaning your hands, and coughing onto a bent elbow or tissue.

Make wearing a mask a regular part of your social life. Use, store, clean, and dispose of masks appropriately.

Here are tips for wearing a mask properly:

  • Clean your hands before you put your mask on, after taking it off, and after you touch it.
  • Make sure your mask covers both your nose, mouth, and chin. 
  • When you take off a mask, store it in a clean plastic bag if it’s still usable, or dispose of it in a trash bin.
  • Don’t use masks with valves.

Use a hand sanitizer before and after wearing a mask

Confused about when to wear a mask?

How to properly fit your mask

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